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Executive Team

Nelson Franco, C.E.O. WES International

Nelson Franco

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Nelson is our Chief Executive Officer responsible for managing corporate strategy, sales and marketing, corporate IT and technical strategy of each client project.

Nelson has over 40 years of experience providing project management, construction management, plant start up and commissioning, validation, project engineering, field engineering, plant design, process engineering, mechanical design and drafting for the, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and biotechnology industries. He has been Project Director/Manager with several multinational corporations on projects ranging from petrochemical refineries, pharmaceutical product facilities, bulk chemical manufacturing, biological systems, environmental waste water treatment plants, distribution control system design, installations and plant/laboratory construction. He has held key roles in capital expansion projects from the conceptual stage through turnover, startup and validation.

Twenty seven years ago he was a project leader in the development of the Flexicoker, a gasification unit that converted coal into a syngas and eventually into a Light Ends Unit for a refinery. It was in this project where Nelson developed the idea of gasifying the garbage but the technology to convert it into plasma gas was not existent. Now with lasers capable of producing temperatures into the 10,000 degrees the plasma gasification is a reality.

Nelson has a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering (BSCE) from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Alberto Franco, C.T.O. WES International

Alberto Franco

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Alberto is our Chief Technology Officer responsible for the technological vision, overall product development, and end-to-end responsibility for the successful implementation and ongoing support of our client solutions.

After graduating college in 1970, Alberto began working for General Dynamics. He remained with General Dynamics for 37 years before opening his own consulting firm, ElectroMagnetics in 2007.

While with General Dynamics, Alberto held the following positions:

  • 2000 to 2007 - Director of Engineering R&D Electro Magnetics and Electric Drive for General Dynamics Electric Boat
  • 1995 to 2000 - Manager of Engineering General Dynamics, Electro Dynamic division of Electric Boat
  • 1971 to 1995 - Electro Dynamic Engineer

Alberto possesses over 40 years of engineering experience:

  • 41 Years experience in Machine Design
  • 41 Years experience in Electromagnetic Design
  • 41 Years experience in Mechanical Design
  • 38 Years experience in low Noise Design
  • 20 Years experience in Permanent Magnet Machines
  • 20 Years experience in Electro Magnetic FEA
  • 23 Years experience in low Noise Fan Design

Alberto has registered and fully owns the following Patents in the United States:

  • Reciprocating pump circulatory assist arrangement (Mar. 3 1998)
  • Implant device monitoring arrangement and method (Mar. 9 1999)
  • Magnet retention arrangement for high speed motor (Sept. 17 2002)
  • Magnet retention (Aug. 5 2003)
  • Surgically implantable power supply (Dec. 30 1997)
  • Artificial heart and method of maintaining blood flow (Dec. 2 1997)
  • Surgically implantable pump arrangement and method for pumping body fluids (Oct.14 1997)
  • Permanent magnet retaining arrangement for high speed rotors (May 8 2003)
  • Reciprocating pump and linear motor arrangement (Oct. 14 1997)
  • Encapsulated permanent magnet motor rotor (Jan 15 2005)
  • Rim-driven propulsion pod arrangement (Jan 4 2005)
  • Electric circuit for equipment requiring redundant flow paths and method of use (Dec 1 1998)
  • Apparatus for pole pieces (Nov 16 2006)
  • Flux shunt shape control arrangement for permanent magnet machines (Jun 5 2004)
  • Encapsulated permanent magnet motor rotor (Dec 4 2003)
  • Rim-driven propulsion pod arrangement (Oct 16 2003)
  • Composite canning arrangement for permanent magnet machines (Jul. 10 2003)
  • Flux shunt wave control arrangement for permanent magnet machines (Jul 5 2003)
  • Installation and removal of energized permanent magnet rotors (Nov. 19 2002)
  • Connecting arrangement for medical device (Mar. 3 1998)

Alberto has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from Newark College of Engineering.